Application examples

Truck loading

During truck loading, bulk materials are dropped into a truck / SKW by means of a wheel loader. When loading the truck body, the air is displaced in one fell swoop, resulting in an explosive swirling of fine dust. When loading via a belt discharge, the fine fraction is entrained from the falling material flow in the event of wind.
Solution approach for loading by wheel loader: Assuming that the loading point always remains the same, we recommend a stationary solution. For this purpose, we use the existing infrastructure, such as a sheet pile wall, on which we lay the necessary system lines. The spray bars are installed above the unloading height of the dump loader to create a horizontal fog wall.
Solution approach for loading via a belt discharge: Spray fogging strips are installed below the belt head, which fog with the falling material flow.
Solution approach for loading via a belt discharge: Spray mist bars are mounted below the belt head, which mist with the falling material flow.
Advantage for the customer:

  • Large-area dust emissions are avoided
  • Health protection for employees
  • Blow-off and material losses are reduced
  • When there is no wind, the water mist is drawn along to the point of impact by the suction effect of the falling material
  • Very low moisture input thanks to the advanced fogging technology
  • very easy to maintain, as all important components are easily accessible

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