Application examples

Belt discharge

In belt conveying, bulk materials are discharged via a belt head. When wind blows, the fines are carried away from the falling material stream. Furthermore, dust emissions are generated when the material hits the stockpile.
Solution: Spray mist strips are installed below the belt head, which mist with the falling material flow. This is triggered by a signal from the customer indicating: Belt is running and material is lying on top. For high drop heights, a windbreak is also installed.
Advantage for the customer:

  • Extremely efficient due to the proximity to the dust source
  • Blow-off and material losses are reduced
  • When there is no wind, the water mist is drawn along to the point of impact by the suction effect of the falling material
  • very low moisture input thanks to the highly developed atomization technology
  • the bound dust particles are processed directly (no disposal)
  • no secondary problems such as water puddles or high energy costs

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