Application examples

Feed hopper

Feed hopper
When feeding a feed hopper by means of wheel loader, SKW, truck, grab or similar, dust emissions occur due to air displacement. For example, when feeding into the hopper, the air is abruptly displaced upwards or forced through the discharge belt.
Solution: We create a horizontal wall of mist around the feed hopper. The bulk material penetrates the mist carpet and the rising dust gets caught in it and settles due to its heaviness.
Advantage for the customer:

  • extremely efficient due to the proximity to the dust source
  • very low moisture input thanks to the highly developed fogging technology
  • the bound dust particles are directly processed (no disposal)
  • no secondary problems such as water puddles or high energy costs
  • very easy to maintain, as all important components are easily accessible
  • less wear and tear on the existing plant, reduction of maintenance effort and thus longer running times

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