Demolition & Construction

During demolition work of any kind, a high level of dust is unavoidable. Especially in urban areas, the dust emissions generated cause a major problem for people and the environment.

Our mobile dust binding machines are the perfect solution to reduce the exposure to dust during demolition works. Thanks to the use of water misting technology, the dust generated by the works is deposited on the ground and at the same time a wet layer is formed, which prevents the reformation of dust when machines pass through. In this way, there are no puddles or other accumulations of water.

Our systems guarantee a better view of the working environment and significantly increase safety at the workplace. Another positive aspect results from the reduction of damages and repairs of construction machines caused by dust. Compared to traditional systems, the mobile dust binding machines also have the advantage of reducing water consumption and saving on personnel costs. A mobile dust binding machine also makes it easier to comply with the increasingly stringent guidelines of the authorities.

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