Application examples

Mobile shredder plant

The material to be shredded is fed via a feed hopper. During feeding, the air in the feed hopper is abruptly displaced and goes upwards. When the bulk material hits the hopper, the displaced air is forced through the discharge belt. When the material is discharged over the belt head, the fines are entrained from the falling material stream in windy conditions.
Solution: We create a horizontal fog wall around the feed hopper. The bulk material penetrates the mist carpet and the rising dust is caught in it. The dust particles become heavy and settle directly. The spray bars mounted below the belt head mist with the falling material flow.
Advantage for the customer:

    • extremely efficient due to the proximity to the dust source
    • very low moisture input thanks to the advanced fogging technology
    • the bound dust particles are processed directly (no disposal)
    • no secondary problems such as water puddles or high energy costs
    • very easy to maintain, as all important components are easily accessible

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