Dust binding

ES100 single-material system

Less dust: Our ES100 system ensures successful dust binding indoors. This solution is an innovative high-pressure fogging system that can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs due to its modular design.

With our ES100 solution, the incoming tap water is conveyed to the individual fogging positions by means of a high-pressure pump. The pipelaying
is done by means of hydraulic lines and stainless steel pipes. In case of insufficient water quality, filter systems and softening plants can be integrated. With the help of an intelligent control system as well as radio remote controls or sensor technology, the system can be activated in a targeted manner. This ensures resource-saving use of the system.

Classic areas of application for our ES100 system are, for example, gate and hall fogging. Because once the dust has been stirred up, it remains in the air for a long time. Depending on its size, a dust particle needs almost seven hours to sink one metre.
By using our high-pressure system, we can specifically increase the humidity in the hall so that the dusts are bound promptly and dust turbulence is prevented. With gate fogging, the fogging technology is installed directly at the entrance. The fog curtain acts as an exit barrier, no dust can escape from the hall.

unique; this ist our system ES100:

  • high adaptability due to modular construction
  • the best choice for indoor areas
  • thanks to the advanced fogging technology, very little water is needed for maximum results
  • no secondary problems such as water puddles or high energy costs
  • easy installation of the system
  • winter operation down to -10°C possible

If you have any questions about our products, or would like to learn more about dust control, please feel free to contact us.