Odor control

DuoFlex" two-substance system

Fog from air and water: Our DuoFlex system is a tried-and-tested and extremely efficient fogging technique that requires only a very small amount of water.
Thanks to its modular design, the system can be flexibly adapted to customers’ needs.

Our self-developed nozzle technology is based on the Venturi principle. The water is broken up into a fine mist by means of compressed air, so that the surface area of the water is enormously increased.
The nozzle configuration ensures droplets of different sizes. This enables effective dust binding. At the same time, the cross-sections of our nozzle technology prevent system failures due to clogging. With the help of the intelligent control technology, the different fogging positions are controlled independently of each other and the dusts are bound efficiently in a resource-saving manner. The robust stainless steel enclosures protect the nozzles and guarantee dust binding in harsh environments.
Applications of our dual-material solution can be identified in all sectors and industries. From the recycling industry to mining and open-cast mining to the
processing, handling and storage of bulk materials. Other areas of application can be found in quarries, steel and concrete plants, waste incineration plants, ports and many more.

unique; this ist our system Duo Flex:

  • high adaptability due to modular construction
  • the best choice for selective dust precipitation
  • can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • extremely efficient due to its proximity to the dust source
  • process water and dirty water can be used
  • thanks to the advanced fogging technology, the moisture input is well below one percent
  • no secondary problems such as water puddles or high energy costs
  • simple installation
  • Winter operation down to -30°C possible
  • additives can also be atomised
  • very easy to maintain, as all important components are easily accessible

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